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Truck Hits the Turnpike Overpass

Wednesday, November 12, 2014  The truck was traveling North on the Black Horse Pike and the dump portion began to raise. The driver was unaware and the dump struck the NJTP Interchange 3 overpass. The truck was wedged underneath the overpass and lost its load. Squad 75, B75, and 701 stood by while the Turnpike Authority, NJSP, and Runnemede Police investigated. The overpass was inspected at which point the vehicle was removed by Beaver Brook Towing. 

Additional assisting units: Camden County Fire Police(5700) and Bellmawr Police. 



Refrigerant Leak on Oakland Ave

Tuesday, November 11, 2014  Squad 75, BLS 787, and Medic responded to a Refrigerant leak on South Oakland Ave. While defrosting a freezer from the 1940/50s a refrigerant line was struck and punctured causing the gas to leak. A resident inhaled the gas causing shortness of breath. The gas was determined to be compressed ammonia which at one time was a common refrigerant. The property was ventilated and the patient was transported to the ER. 



Change the Clock, Change Your Battery

Sunday, November 2, 2014  Daylight Saving Time is Sunday, November 2nd, 2014.

The Runnemede Fire Department along with the Fire Marshal's Office reminds our residents that one simple step can help save their lives and the lives of those around them. Everyone is encouraged to use the extra hour they "gain" from Daylight Saving Time to change the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, test alarms and remind friends, family, neighbors and fellow community members to do the same.



Ebola Virus Preparation

Monday, October 27, 2014  The members drilled on the proper PPE donning and doffing techniques to prevent personal contamination if we are faced with that situation. The Runnemede Fire Department, along with Camden County Health Officials are continuously working to ensure the residents and employees of Runnemede and the surrounding towns are protected. 

For additional awareness information about the Ebola virus and how you can prevent its spread, please visit:





Tractor Trailer Fire on NJTP

Monday, October 27, 2014  Squad 75 along with Mount Laurel Fire Engine 3621 were dispatched to the area of Interchange 4 on the NJTP for a reported vehicle fire. 701 arrived at the N/B off ramp with a fire in a 53' cargo trailer carrying food products. The driver of the vehicle disconnected the tractor before the FD arrived. B/C 3603 assumed T/P Command and 701 assumed Operations. E3621 arrived 1st due and led off with an 1 3/4" hand line. SD75 supplied E3621 with their tank water and stretched and additional 1 3/4" hand line. Due to the unsafe condition of the trailer, Ladder 3635 was special called to assist with extinguishing the fire. Burlington County Tenders were also special called to the scene for the Ladder water supply. Runnemede units were on scene for approximately 3 hours before being released by T/P Command.



Bellmawr Engine 331

Credit: Lt. Lautenbacher

Credit: Lt. Lautenbacher

Friday, October 10, 2014  To the residents of Runnemede:

As a part of our shared service agreement with Bellmawr, Barrington, and Haddon Heights, the Runnemede Fire Department is currently using Bellmawr Engine 331 as a loner. Squad 75 is currently in the shop having maintenance done and Bellmawr was gracious enough to lone the truck to keep us in service as a Squad Company. If you see the truck throughout town, it is staffed with the Runnemede Fire Department members. 

Thank you to Bellmawr Fire Department!



Fire Prevention 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014  We had an outstanding turnout for our annual Fire Prevention! We would like to extend our thanks to the residents and the surrounding fire departments for taking time out to spend it with us. Another successful year under the belt. 

Credit: F/F J. Osisek

Credit: F/F J. Osisek

Credit: F/F J. Osisek

Credit: F/F J. Osisek


Engine 752 is Moving On

Credit: Jaime Daleus

Credit: Jaime Daleus

Saturday, October 4, 2014  ENGINE 752 OFFICIALLY OUT OF SERVICE. Last night the members came together and removed all the equipment off Engine 752. The engine was sold to Elsinboro Fire Co in Salem, NJ in preparation for our new Quint to arrive. We hope the engine serves them as well as it served us for the last 27 years. 



Back to Back Vehicles on the NJTP

Thursday, September 25, 2014  Approximately 15:30 Squad 75 and Squad 13 (Cherry Hill) were dispatched to the New Jersey Turnpike for a reported vehicle fire in the Southbound lane. Battalion 75 arrived confirming a vehicle well involved in the right hand shoulder at MM 26.6. Squad 13 arrived and went into operation with a 1 3/4" hand line. Squad 75 arrived and supplied Squad 13. Due to a stubborn fire, Squad 32(Bellmawr) was special called for additional water. 

While cleaning up from the 1st fire, command was alerted about an additional vehicle fire in the Southbound lanes between Interchange 3 and 4. Squad 32 (Bellmawr), Squad 362 (Mt. Laurel), Squad 13 (Cherry Hill), and 701 responded to the 2nd fire. 701 arrived on location at MM 31.1 with a vehicle fully involved. Squad 32 arrived and extinguished the vehicle with a 1 3/4" hand line.

Credit: Jaime Daleus

Credit: Jaime Daleus

CreditL Robert Fowler

CreditL Robert Fowler


Quint 75 Coming Soon

Wednesday, September 3, 2014  Coming Spring/Summer 2015. Our new addition will feature a Cummins ISL9 450 HP motor, Allison AVS3000 transmission, 79' ladder, storage for 1000' of LDH, 450 gallons of water, 2000 GPM Waterous pump, 10 kW Smart Power generator, rescue style body, and a whole lot more! As the build progresses and more pictures become available they will be posted. 



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