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Quint 75 Coming Soon

Wednesday, September 3, 2014  Coming Spring/Summer 2015. Our new addition will feature a Cummins ISL9 450 HP motor, Allison AVS3000 transmission, 79' ladder, storage for 1000' of LDH, 450 gallons of water, 2000 GPM Waterous pump, 10 kW Smart Power generator, rescue style body, and a whole lot more! As the build progresses and more pictures become available they will be posted. 



Dwelling Fire in Glendora

Wednesday, July 16, 2014  Squad and Engine 75 just cleaned up from a dwelling fire in Glendora section of Gloucester Township. Task Force 81 was dispatched to 632 Pasadena Drive for a reported house fire around 13:00. Quint 29(Magnolia) who arrived 1st due, was met with a heavy smoke condition. They stretched a line and made an interior attack on a basement fire. E822(Chews Landing) and Squad 75(Runnemede) arrived simultaneously working to establish the water supply and stretched a interior back up line. Engine 75(Runnemede) arrived and laddered the dwelling and assisted with roof ventilation. Outstanding work to all companies on scene!



All Hands Work in 82's Local

Wednesday, July 9, 2014  Task Force 82 was dispatched to 1100 block of 2nd Ave off of Brown for a reported dwelling fire. Police arrived to find a working fire throughout the house and unsure about the status of the occupants. Engine 822(Chews Landing) arrived leading off with an 1 3/4" hand line making a very aggressive attack.  With the fire darkened down, Ladder 84(Blackwood) was able to conduct a search while Squad 75(Runnemede) established the water supply and opened up the roof. The fire was quickly placed under control and no reported injuries. Strong work to all personnel on scene. The fire is under investigation by the Fire Marshal Office and Gloucester Twp. Police. 

Courtesy of Steve Christiansen(82)

Courtesy of Steve Christiansen(82)

Courtesy of Richie Moulder(82)

Courtesy of Richie Moulder(82)


Strong Storms Caused Some Issues

Tuesday, July 8, 2014  The strong thunderstorm which rolled through the county caused some issues in Runnemede. Numerous trees and wires were down throughout the town which kept the Fire and Police Department busy. A large portion of the West Side of town along with Glendora were without power for approximately 7 hours. PSE&G restored the power around 05:30.  



Mulch Fire with Extension

Monday, July 7, 2014  Task Force 7 was dispatched to the area of Clements Bridge Rd and Bowers Ave for a reported dwelling fire. Address was amended to 23 Bowers just off Clements Bridge. A passing by Toyota of Runnemede employee witnessed a mulch fire extending to the front porch of this dwelling and quickly grabbed a garden hose. 701 arrived on location with nothing showing from a 2 story wood frame single family dwelling. Fire was extinguished prior to FD arrival but still had some hot spots. Engine 75 arrived and stretched 50' of 1 3/4" house to cool down the front porch while checking for any additional extension. 

Additional Responding Companies: Quint 91(Barrington), Squirt 32(Bellmawr), Rescue 82(Chews Landing), and BLS 3(Bellmawr). 



Kitchen Fire at Presidential Apartments

Thursday, June 26, 2014   Approximately 08:30 this morning, Task Force 7 was dispatched to the Presidential Apartments "J" building for a reported apartment fire. Police arrived on location with smoke showing from building. Engine 75 arrived and stretched a 1 3/4" hand line to the interior for a working kitchen fire. The fire was placed under control quickly and no reported injuries. Solid work by all companies on scene.

Additional assisting companies: Quint 91(Barrington) Rescue 82(Chews Landing) Squirt 32(Bellmawr) and Engine 272(Lawnside).



From Probie to Firefighters: The Graduates

Tuesday, June 24, 2014  We would like to congratulate Firefighter's Christopher Thomas, Ryan Casillas, and Ryan Young who graduated from their Firefighter 1 training! The 5 month journey has now given them the basic knowledge and know how to be a firefighter in the State of New Jersey. They know the complexity of this job and the training doesn't stop here. We look forward to their growth and progression in the department.

F/F Young

F/F Young

F/F Thomas

F/F Thomas


House Full of Smoke

Friday, June 13, 2014  Around 17:30 Task Force 7 was dispatched to 53 Bowers Ave for a reported dwelling fire. Original reports were the resident came home to a house full of smoke. 701, B75, and E75 arrived with nothing showing from a 1 story wood frame single family dwelling. RPD reported a significant smoke condition in the basement. E75's crew proceeded into the interior and confirmed RPD's report. E75 and QT91's crews worked in the basement to locate the source of the smoke while SQ32 stood by the hydrant and R82 assumed the RIT Team rolls. The source was traced to a sump pump fire in a limited access part of the dwelling basement. Crews extinguished the fire with a can and the dwelling was ventilated. Outstanding work to all companies on location!

Additonal assisting companies: Bellmawr Fire(32) and Chews Landing Fire(82).



Bedroom Fire in Bellmawr

Tuesday, June 10, 2014  Task Force 33 was dispatched to 308 Princeton Ave in Bellmawr. Squirt 32 arrived and stretched a line to the 2nd floor and made quick work of a mattress fire. Engine 75 arrived and stood by the hydrant awaiting the order to lay in. The fire was placed under control quickly and no water supply was needed. Outstanding work to all Companies on scene. 



Single Vehicle MVA with Entrapment

Saturday, May 31, 2014  Squad 75, BLS 787, Squad 13, and BLS 1396 were dispatched to the Northbound side of the NJTP for a single vehicle accident. Squad 13 arrived in the Southbound lane to investigate and found 1 patient to be entrapped in the vehicle. At the time, Medics and Rescue 13 were added to the assignment. Squad 13 and Squad 75 worked together to stabilize the vehicle and extricate the patient. BLS 787 and Medics transported the patient to a local hospital. 



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